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The Journey.

As with many people, a major trip motivated me to buy my first DSLR. I had been left with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth toward photography after we had gone on a previous trip and our camera and every single roll of film, and hence every single photo, from the trip were stolen. Nonetheless, I purchased a Sony A100 and took bucket loads of photos on a Mediterranean cruise.

Thousands of pictures later, and a move from Sony to Nikon sponsored in part by a wonderful sister-in-law, my photography began to approach the quality I thought my early photographs had. :)

Sometimes interest is not enough. My wife was kind enough to give me a workshop at Yosemite with Rodney Lough, Jr. as a Christmas gift. Rodney displayed a passion for both photography and the subjects that he captured, that I had never seen before. My work began to take on a new dimension as I learned to replace the dispassion that is so easy in the hurried world in which we live, with the passion that I had seen displayed so well, even in a few days.

Piles of books and tens of thousands of photos after my first camera, I am still learning. I am learning both the craft and the art and indeed I am still learning to be a passionate person, man, and photographer.

My educational background is a B.S. with Honors in Applied Physics from CalTech. My focus within that degree was Optics, though I was more interested in the microscopic world of fiber optics when I began my career. Over time, my career morphed, and I moved into the computer arena.

But while computers and I generally get along quite well, my heart is expressed through my writing--I have self-published the first book in a fantasy novel series--, and my photography. When I photograph nature, I want to bring to you the awe that transfixed me as I looked upon God’s wonder, be it a tiny flower, a flooding waterfall or a grand mountain. When I photograph people, I hope to capture an image that reflects the person within.

As mentioned I have published my first fantasy novel! Should you wish more information, it is available here: